Happy 2019!!!




Wow!  Another new year is here already!  It’s hard to believe that Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years has come and gone.  Hope your holidays were amazing, blessed and maybe a ‘little’ relaxing?  Ours here at S n’ S were pretty low key.  Saw most of the family that was local and missed the family that was far away, but when your daddy’s a cattle rancher, they tend to come first!

Which reminds me of a story I was telling my girls the other day about how my brother and I spent our Christmas as kids.  My grandpa had dairy cows plus range cattle and my dad worked for him, so on Christmas morning we couldn’t leave our bedrooms to see what Santa brought us until the cows were milked, the animals were fed and chores finished.  These things had to be done, Christmas or not and my mom didn’t want dad and grandpa to have to miss our excited little faces light up at the Santa splendor under the tree, soooo….we waited.  To their credit, grandpa and dad would head out earlier than normal to get a jump start on the chores so we wouldn’t be tortured as long…oops…I mean have to wait as long!  My brother and I got pretty creative though and would sneak out after Santa Claus had come, to see what we got.  That was no mean feat however, because out in the country there isn’t a lot of ambient light coming in the windows and it was pretty much pitch black in the house.  When we thought we could get away with it, we would sneak a flashlight in to our bedroom but mostly it was a “using your hands to feel what you had under the tree and playing guess the gift deal!”  If it was a toy it was usually pretty easy but if it was something like an audio cassette, well then forget about it, it was still a surprise in the morning.  And remember, these were the days before cell phones with the hand-dandy built in flash light, so if we couldn’t sneak a real flashlight with working batteries, which more often than not they didn’t even have any batteries, so we were up a creek!

Well, we hope your New Years Eve was more fun than ours.  This was perhaps the most boring new year I’ve ever spent.  We watched several episodes of ‘Kids Baking Championship’ ate some grapes for good luck, toasted the new year a tad late and went to bed.  Speaking of ‘Kids Baking Championship’, I don’t think I’ve ever felt dumber or more useless as an adult than I do when I watch these kids bake!  As an almost 50 year old woman, I haven’t baked half of what these kids have and have never even heard of some of it!  Sheesh!  I’ve been contemplating starting a baking business with my daughter (more to come on that later) but I don’t know.  If an 11 year old knows what pate a choux is, and has baked it many times, then I’m screwed!  Just sayin’!


See what I mean?  Kids are making pate a choux and I’m over here with dismembered snowmen and dogs making ugly sweater cookies!

On that note, here’s a very happy new year to you and yours from us at Sagebrush and Saddles.  I don’t have any fun people party photos to show but I do have a cute party dog!



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