I’ve hinted about a new venture I’m involved in and now I will let everyone in on it. My daughter and I have started a cookie baking business, Mac n T’s Cookies.  We’re very excited about it, a little nervous, very tired and way too hard on ourselves.  We are expecting perfection now, even though we are just starting out and between the two of us have zero training in baking or decorating.  It just seemed like something we would both like to try and have had fun doing but now the pressures REALLY on.  The business license has been applied for, social media marketing is underway, business cards made and a couple of small orders have been requested.  Whew!!  Just saying all that makes me tired!  It’s a good tired and we are very excited about our new undertaking.


Our first real batch of cookies.  Yikes!!  Some of them remind me of deviled egg filling.


Valentine cookies were MUCH better!  I thought they were pretty cute. Especially my daughter’s cookies above.  She is very creative.


Well, the hinting is over and now you know what I’ve been up to.  Please keep reading for more cookie updates.  I’ve definitely got more cookies and stories to share!



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