Lots of Cooking Going On!

What have I been up to in this new year, which isn’t so new now?  Well, I started a new job, I’ve been doing a lot of breakfast cooking and trying to undertake a new endeavor.

First, the new job. I am a paraeducator or in non-school language, a teachers aid working in an elementary school.  The transition from my old school to my new school was a lot harder than I expected it to be.  I missed my old co-workers and my routine.  I found out that I had actually been quite spoiled at my old job because I kind of called the shots and did what I wanted. The hardest part though was the physical part of the new job.  Man, for the first few weeks I thought it was going to kill me, between the aching feet, sore knees and hip flexors that I didn’t know I had, I really didn’t think I would last.  Plus, I couldn’t remember anyone’s names!!  I had all of these new co-workers and couldn’t keep anyone’s name straight, including my own some days!  Good news though, I have settled in and things are going a lot better and I’m grateful for the new challenge and opportunities.

Next, I’ve been trying really hard to do a lot more cooking.  As I’ve stated, breakfast is my favorite meal and I’ve definitely been cooking up breakfast.

I made a batch of these yummy wild rice pancakes courtesy of The Pioneer Woman.

Then there was this scrumptious sandwich made with white cheddar and hatch green chile cheese and a bunch of other goodness on whole wheat.


French toast anyone?


My take on a popular fast food chains breakfast staple.


My versions of migas and breakfast hash!  Mmmmm!!


As you can see, I’ve been pretty busy with breakfast but I’ve also undertaken a new endeavor with my daughter and that is cookie baker!  We are in the very fledgling stages of our baking business and so far it’s just been baking and trying out flavors and decorating techniques.  So far, so good!


At the beginning.



Our latest efforts.  Pretty good progress I think!  Keep watching and reading for updates on the recipes and the cookie biz!


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