Just Checking In

So I just realized that I’ve neglected my blog of late so I thought I would just jot down some thoughts about that last couple of weeks.

There has been much craziness going on in my world. I moved child number 2 out of the house and it’s been ok. Miss her but glad she’s out on her own and working and being an adult. That’s the natural order of things right (bonus, she’s been a little homesick)?

I’m in a boot for my foot. It’s not really helping but I’m doing what the doctor said. Also I got new work hours so I’m still adjusting to the change in schedule. It’s a little weird getting to work when everyone else does!

Speaking of work, my job is NEVER boring! Weird-perhaps; exhausting-definitely; hilarious-at times; frustrating-depends on the moment; rewarding-absolutely; but never, ever boring!!! Working with little people is always an adventure and sometimes working with the big people is too!

To complete this little check-in, I’ve also been baby-sitting a very wild, uncooperative little dog who had her girl doggie surgery and is supposed to ‘take it easy’. Easier said than done!





Here are some cute puppy pictures just for fun!  This is my daughters dog or as she likes to say, my grand-dog!  Not sure how I feel about that!

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