Feeling Uninspired

I’ve noticed that once again I have neglected this blog. I think it’s because I’m feeling uninspired. I’m not sure why but I have some guesses. Maybe it’s the changing weather. It’s been wet and dreary, then cold, then windy, then sunny and kind of warm and so it goes. Mother Nature, PLEASE pick something and stick with it!

Another guess as to why I’m feeling uninspired is the never ending election season, which I foolishly thought would end with the actual election and then we could get back to normal but no such luck! It’s like the Energizer Bunny, it just keeps going and going and going…………………

Then again, maybe it’s that the holidays are upon us (yikes!)  and I feel totally and completely unprepared and uninspired!  The thrill of Halloween never caught on, the anticipation and let’s face it, anxiety of time spent with friends and family proclaiming our gratitude on Thanksgiving is not there and the excitement and anticipation of celebrating Jesus’ birth and Santa and his reindeer paying our house a visit has not materialized.  Maybe it’s because I don’t have little kids anymore and let’s be realistic here, the holidays are just more fun with little kids.  You absorb their excitement, awe and wonder at all that the holidays have to offer and it’s hard to be a grinch when you see their little faces beaming with happiness at a bag full of candy, a table full of delicious food or a Christmas tree brimming with the mystery of what lies beneath it’s branches.

Whatever is causing my malaise, I just wish it would go away!  I want to be in the holiday spirit and I want to create and share stories that maybe make people smile or reflect on their life experiences or see a different perspective.  So I will keep trying, keep going through the motions and maybe, just maybe I will feel, once again, inspired!

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