A Holiday Story


Thanksgiving has come and gone and Christmas is on it’s way, so I felt like this was a good time to share a little holiday story about one of my favorite people, my grandma.  Yep, the very same grandma who came from Wisconsin to start a new life for herself.

My grandma’s first holiday as an adult was Thanksgiving celebrated alone on a train to Seattle.  She’s come a long way since then and ever since I was a little girl she has been our holiday chef.  Even at the age of 90 she still insists on doing most of the dinner herself and it is still fabulous.  My grandmother however, would disagree.

Along with her amazing food, which includes homemade pies, the yummiest homemade sweet pickles you’ll ever eat, rolls and my personal favorite, her delectable stuffing, comes a bit of negativity.  There are certain things you can count on at holiday time in our family, someone will get pissed off at someone else, one of the relatives will do something weird, we will all be sleep deprived and my grandma will complain about her food.  Guaranteed, the turkey will be too dry, her pie crust will look strange, more than one thing won’t have enough salt/seasoning and her stuffing will contain too much or not enough sage or salt, it will be too dry, too wet or just missing ‘something’!

Every year it’s the same thing or the same combination of things and we all wait for her to mention how terrible the food is and when she does (which we know she will) we grin at each other with a wink and a nudge and we enjoy every single bite of her delicious meal because it just wouldn’t be the holidays without grandma’s food complaints!







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