Update on the Diet

It’s been awhile and I thought I would do an update on my diet progress. It hasn’t been going well but I have made some discoveries that I think are important and helpful.

  1.  I need to stop looking at what I’m doing as a diet and instead look at it as a life style change.
  2.  I need to stop viewing more healthful eating as punishment.
  3.  I am starting to get a better sense of portions and appropriate portion size.
  4.  I realized after a particularly painful, heartburn-y, indigestion-y weekend that eating more veggies and smaller portions is not a bad thing and I actually prefer how I feel when I’m eating more sensibly.
  5.  I’ve even had a couple of evenings when the urge to snack wasn’t as strong as normal.

I have lost a little weight but nothing to brag about.  I’m realizing that for me this is a process and I’m not going to change my bad habits overnight.  I haven’t gotten into the exercise thing yet, partially because of the weather and partially because I’m just not there mentally yet.  I’m trying not to be hard on myself and not expect impossible results right away!

I also want to thank everyone who has offered suggestions for my late afternoon/evening slump and snack urge.  I have tried several things and find them helpful.  Eating some dark chocolate, drinking more water and finding low-cal, crunchy, satisfying snacks has been very helpful.  All in all still mixed results but more in the positive column than the negative!

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