Random Things

Just a few random things that have come up and I felt the need to share.

Apparently dogs can get inner ear infections and apparently that’s not normally seen in dogs.  Only a dog of mine would have something weird wrong with them.  Technically she’s my daughters dog but I buy her food and help pay for vet stuff, sooooo…partly my dog!

Over the weekend I tried to go see the new Beauty and the Beast with my daughter, only to find it sold out.  I also discovered that most of the tickets were pre-sales and that people were buying them weeks in advance!  Also, some theaters had assigned seating like for a play or concert!  Wow!!  This Beauty and the Beast is serious stuff !

Sad emoticon, vector illustration

My last random thing for the night has to do with my last post.  A friend on Facebook commented on my post and asked if I kept a food diary or used a dieting app to track my food, etc.  I told her I do have an app on my phone but don’t use it because I’m lazy.  I’m not talking physically lazy but mentally lazy.  Many years ago I had a hand-held computer type device that I used to track calories and activity and I HATED it.  I did lose quite a bit of weight with the device and it was helpful so clearly I need to not just do the physical hard work for weight loss but the mental and emotional work as well.

Ok, now I’ve got the random thoughts floating around in my head out and can move on!  Thanks for reading!


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