Because It’s Wednesday

It’s Wednesday and I have no earth shattering insights or revelations to share and I am working on some longer posts that aren’t ready yet, so I’m just sharing some random items because it’s Wednesday!

My husband and I took a little weekend trip, which we haven’t done in I don’t remember when.  It was nice, it was kind of a rush but nice to get away.  We saw Bill O’Reilly, Dennis Miller and Jesse Waters.  We did not know what to expect because we usually just attend concerts but it was funny and interesting.  My husband pointed out that this must be our tribe, the people we hold common beliefs with, the people we connect with.  The average age of the audience was probably around 65!  So apparently our tribe is older, conservative Americans, not people our own age!  Then it hit me, we do like going out to dinner at what we call ‘old people time,’ around 4 or 4:30 and we do like staying home rather than hitting the town and bedtime is usually well before midnight, so maybe they are our tribe.  There are far worse groups of people to be hanging out with and frankly I think they have a few things figured out.  When you go to dinner before five, you rarely have to wait for a table and you beat the rush, when you stay home you aren’t spending money or getting in trouble and getting more sleep is always a bonus!  So yes, maybe older people are our tribe!

My second daughter got engaged and though I’m happy for her, I really wasn’t looking forward to planning a wedding at the moment.  Good news however, she wants a longer engagement and is excited about a back yard wedding!  So, I have some time to save up some money and I can fix up my yard and she can do a wedding the way she wants!  I think she’s my new favorite kid!

On a final note, I’m am going to make another attempt at seeing Beauty and the Beast.  I WILL see this movie in the theater if it kills me!!  Wish me luck and I will report on how it went!

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