Cream Cheese and Chicken Taquito-Burrito thingys


IMG_3284-1Do you like my title?  Is it descriptive enough?  I thought so, (note sarcasm here).  I didn’t really know how to categorize these so this is what I came up with!  I came up with these after eating something similar at Taco Time and thought, “I can do it better.”  These are pretty easy so I hope you try them and I hope you enjoy!



2 chicken breasts

1 or 2  8 oz. package cream cheese

1 small can chopped green chiles

3 to 4 green onions chopped

10 to 12 medium flour tortillas

Canola oil or vegetable oil for frying

Any type of seasoning for the chicken you prefer.  You could season them with taco seasoning, fajita seasoning, or a marinade of your choice.  I like to use Annie’s Goddess dressing.  I know that sounds weird but it adds good flavor and moisture while you are cooking your chicken but doesn’t compete with the other flavors.


IMG_3277Season and brown seasoned chicken breasts in a skillet with a bit of oil, butter or non-stick spray.  When I use dressing or marinade I pour it on at the beginning of cooking with a little water in the bottom of the pan.  When chicken is done, shred it or cut it in to small pieces and add to a medium bowl with the cream cheese, green chiles and green onion and combine well.



After combining, scoop a rounded tablespoon or so into the center of a tortilla and spread just in the center.  Roll tortilla and after all tortillas are rolled fry them in a skillet with about an inch or more of oil.






I put a small piece to tortilla in the oil to make sure it is hot enough.  When it starts to cook but not burn, I know it’s ready!  Depending on the amount of filling you put in each tortilla you might get eight, ten or twelve.  Again, this is another recipe that kind of depends on your tastes.  Sometimes I use a bit more cream cheese or a bit more chicken, depending on what I have in my refrigerator.  You can also use fajita size tortillas for a smaller appetizer sized taquito.




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