A Special Kind of Talent


A young girl has fallen over playing in he mothers high heels


In the last year or so I have discovered I have a weird new talent.  Whenever I’m around a set of stairs, I fall.  No, not in the way you might think.  I don’t fall down the stairs, I fall up the stairs!

Like I said, in the last year or so, I have fallen up my stairs three different times!  Each time was different,  each time I wasn’t seriously injured but each time my pride was seriously dinged!!

The first time it happened was a little over a year ago and to be honest I had a little bit of help.  There was a baby gate at the top of the stairs to keep our dogs from going downstairs.  Most of my family just stepped over the gate instead of opening it.  It didn’t matter if we were going up or down the stairs, we were just too lazy to open the gate and move it.

In this particular instance I was coming up the stairs with my purse, coat and a couple of bags in my hands and as usual, just decided to step over the gate because my hands were full.  Normally that would not have been a problem but on this specific day the toe of my shoe caught on the gate and down I went…or should I say, up I went!!!  At least I managed to make it over the gate but as I fell, the things in my hands went flying, my daughter’s mouth flew open (of course I had a witness), and I fell flat on my face!  I cut open one knee, skinned the other and severely bruised my pride!

Fall number two, was just a few weeks ago.  This time there was no baby gate so I didn’t even have that as an excuse!  I was rushing up the stairs and BAM, toe caught on step, down, no wait…up I went and I had another witness!  This time I almost caught myself, still skinned my knee and in trying to break my fall by grabbing the wall, hurt my shoulder.  Again pride bruised.

The most recent time, was…a couple of days ago!  Seriously?  At least this time I had no witnesses but I fell on my knee, hurt it again and again dropped what I was carrying in my hands.  Sometimes I wonder what is wrong with me?  On the bright side however, at least I didn’t fall down the stairs.  I’m thinking that would be worse.  I guess it takes a special kind of talent to fall up the stairs!

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