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As many of you have now noticed or been informed or had it bashed over your head, I changed the name of my blog!  I did it mainly to avoid any conflict with “The Pioneer Woman” blog.  Now I have not received any type of cease and desist or communication but I am really hoping to grow my blog in the next year and didn’t want to have to deal with that somewhere down the road.  Not that I will ever be in any sort of competition with her or any type of threat (I wish) but I wanted to avoid an issue.  Besides, I got tired of being accused of copying her, which I didn’t when I chose my name.  Many years ago, before I even knew of anyone called The Pioneer Woman, I was going to start a blog and thought that was the perfect name for me but alas, it was already taken by some broad named Ree (I’m actually a big fan)!

So, my blog will remain the same with the same kind of content and the same pride in the pioneering people I came from and the same belief in old-fashioned values, farming and ranching and the beauty of rural life.  I will still be sharing stories of my past as a country kid, in my present stuck in suburbia and my future dreams of getting back to my roots.

I chose Sagebrush and Saddles after many days and weeks of agonizing over names and after many amazing suggestions by friends and readers (all of which were better than what I came up with) I settled on Sagebrush and Saddles.  Well, settled is not very accurate, after it was suggested it actually hit me like a bolt of lightning and after a similar reaction from my family, knew that was the name for me.  It really encapsulates the types of things I love, is succinct and has alliteration.  It’s perfect!  Thank you Nalani for the name!

I also have other news.  I can not only be found here but on Instagram  Twitter  Facebook at Please check me out and/or follow me on my new sites.  Thanks for all of the support and keep on reading and sharing my blog with others!


Saddle (well, a horse too)!

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