The Adventures of Sadie the Chiweenie: A New Feature

I am adding what I hope to be a regular feature on my blog. It is going to be about the adventures of my daughters one year old chihuahua/dachsund mix, Sadie.


Sadie, is sassy, sweet, shy, friendly, feisty, nervous and most of all loving.  She loves her mama and to a lesser extent her grandma and grandpa (I call my husband and I grandma and grandpa grudgingly.  It was easier than fighting my daughter on it).  Most other people she likes, she just has to decide that she likes you first.


Feisty Sadie

Sadie also loves her brothers Ringo and Snickers.  Ringo loves her in return but Snickers, well, he’s an old man and basically tolerates her.

Sadie with Snickers and Sadie with Ringo

Sadie is a faithful and loyal friend. She’s also funny and entertaining so stay tuned for more and I hope you enjoy her adventures.


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