My Grandma

I discovered this picture of grandma last summer and I think she is beautiful in it and it’s one of my favorites!

On this Mother’s Day, I want to pay tribute to an amazing and inspirational woman; my grandma.  My grandma is an intensely private and humble person. She is not one to be the center of attention but has quietly lived her life and let others (especially her grandchildren) shine.  As a child I didn’t really see the incredible person my grandmother is. Oh, I loved her and loved being spoiled by her but as a little girl my heart was with my grandpa because he was bigger than life and he was FUN!  As an adult however, I have been able to see things in a different light and recognize the unique and special person my grandma is and the strength and courage she has had in living her life.

How many women would have the courage to leave their home, against their families wishes, travel halfway across the country and arrive all alone in a strange new city, in the middle of the night, knowing no one there and no place to stay?

How many women could then board a bus and drive for hours to start a new job and new life in the desert in the middle of nowhere?

How many women meet and marry their tall, dark, handsome stranger against both families wishes and create a new life in a new place with new customs and ways of living?

How many women work a full time job and then come home and work a second full time job of feeding a family and ranch hands, cleaning, canning, baking, sewing and preparing for the next work day?  Often times not getting to bed before midnight and be up by dawn to do it all again the next day!

How many women are the backbone and strength for their family? Going about their life quietly, humbly and many times without much celebration or thanks or sometimes without any notice at all?

Today I know we hear many stories of women overcoming similar obstacles, adversities and challenges but how many of them were doing these things in a period of time when fathers decided whether their daughters would even have a career or just get married?  In fact most young women were expected to be teachers, secretaries or nannies if they had a career, not running light bulbs up and down beacon towers for airplanes to spot!  Most were expected to get married and raise a family, not be career women.

Now I know many of you have mothers and grandmothers who have done amazing things, perhaps even extraordinary things but I look at myself and I don’t think I could do ANY of those things that my grandma did!  Definitely not with such quiet dignity and grace and without expecting any accolades.

So on this Mother’s Day, I want my grandma to be the center of attention and thank her for being a role model and inspiration to me and my daughters!




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