Spring Break 2017

Ah, spring break!  A time to get away, take a trip, relax and unwind. Maybe go to the beach, the big city or a theme park. Perhaps take a long awaited trip to somewhere exotic or a cruise or if you’re me, clean house, do yard work and care for a family member recuperating from surgery!  Man do I know how to vacation or what?

Here’s how I spent my spring break.  Saturday:  went to Costco, got there when the doors opened no less!  I got in and out of there in an hour then went to Sears and bought a new dryer, which I walked in picked out and bought in about half an hour!  While at Sears I found a t-shirt I wanted and when I went to pay for it, found out I got it for free because of Sears points.  That was the high-light of my day!  Then I hit the Walmart and that took a little longer but got done what I needed to do and got home in time to watch the basketball game!  I felt very accomplished!  Quite a vacation!

Monday:  I raked some of my lawn, cleaned up part of my garage, vacuumed and shampooed a carpet and cleaned my kitchen.  Again accomplished and wow, was I relaxed!

Tuesday:  got up at 5 am and took my daughter to the hospital and spent the WHOLE day there!  I’m not complaining really but I’m not a fan of hospitals and I had the added stress of a complication with my daughter.  Not fun!  Still on vacay though!

Wednesday, Thursday, Friday:  Pretty much all the same day.  I ran around my house taking care of my daughter, making sure she had her medications, she was comfortable, was getting enough fluids, etc.  The first night I had to wake her several times to administer meds and make sure she was ok.  It’s been exhausting, but such a fun break!



Room service for my daughter.  Actually this is a tray that I’ve had for about five years and never used it, so bonus, I finally get to use it!!


So I’m being just a little bit sarcastic.  I actually did do everything here but I thought I would poke a little fun at my ‘vacation’.  I actually did get a few things accomplished and the only thing I’m disappointed about is that I didn’t get more done.  I am also very glad I was here to take care of my baby girl.  With two of my children moved out and all of them adults, it’s kind of nice to have someone to baby, to fuss over, to cuddle.  Although I would prefer that she not be in pain in order to get a cuddle from her but I’m happy I could be with her.  We’ve watched a lot of Fixer Upper and old reruns of Monk and I’ve also had a helper.  A furry, brown, four-legged helper who has been guardian, cuddler and entertainer.



Sadie, my furry brown helper!


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