I’m Messy

I’ve finally decided, I’m messy.  I don’t mean slobby,  just throwing all of my things around and being generally neglectful (although sometimes I’m that too).  I also don’t mean trashy, literally throwing trash around and being plain gross, I mean messy.

I’ve discovered that no matter how hard I try I’m not ever going to be neat and tidy.  For example, when I’m cooking or baking, there is no way I can be in the kitchen without being messy.  I dust the counters with flour, slop sauces on the stove top and smear ANY kind of spread anywhere on any surface.

In the bathroom, I drip, drop and drizzle toothpaste, face powder, lotions and baby powder all over the place.  My bathroom looks like a war zone!

Even eating is sure to be messy.  If it can drip, squirt, squish or fall apart then my meal will inevitably end up on my shirt!  It’s like the front of my clothing has a food magnet just drawing my meal to my shirt.  Oh, and the greasier or more staining a food is, the more likely it is to end up on me.

Speaking of things ending up on me.  Cooking and cleaning will always provide a mess that will be attracted to my clothing.  Making a pie or anything with flour, on my shirt!  Washing dishes or pouring water off a pot of vegetables or boiled eggs, on my shirt!  Cleaning the bath tub or bathroom counter, cleanser, on my shirt!

In fact, it was a day of baking and cleaning that gave me the idea for this post.  I had cleaned my bathroom and tried my hand at making fried pies when I noticed that I had gotten cleanser and flour all over my shirt!

That’s when I finally decided that I’m messy.  I mean, I’ve always known it but I think I just decided to accept it and own it.

I am A Pioneer Daughter and I AM MESSY!


The previously mentioned baked pies.  Yummy!

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